Everyone loves their furry friends. Dogs are undoubtedly the most kept pet on this planet. It is a known fact dog make you happy. Nothing can beat the spirit of this four-legged friend. Have you ever thought of returning this never-ending love that you receive from your dog? You must be thinking is always happy and feels no worries. But why not make your best friend a little extra jumpy on its tippy-toes?

Dogs can get moody too. Like human beings, a monotonous lifestyle won’t suit a dog. Here are some superb ideas to put a big smile across those hairy jaws!

Compliments your dog

Who doesn’t like compliments? If someone told you that you look fabulous, you’d experience an instant boost in confidence. Dogs are no exception to this. They can sense your tone and mood. If you sound happy and high-spirited, your dog will feel that too.

Compliments your dog

Take him on a surprise hike.

Dogs do love a long walk. If you are an outdoorsy person, taken your dog along and head for the hills. Forget the leash and let him breathe! Socializing can do good for dogs as well.

Play with him.

Maybe you rub its belly or pats its head. Surprise him with a game of hide-and-seek. Dogs love fun owners. Let them use their sniffy nose to find you. Plus, playing with your dog could be a great relaxation for you, trying out something new with your doggo.

Play with him.

Take him on a car ride.

For a dog hanging out of the car, the window is bliss. Dogs indeed love the simple pleasures of life. If you are shopping, they can wait in the car and look out for different smells and threats!

Exercise with him.

Working out with a dog may not always go as planned. Dogs tend to get over-excited when they see their human stand-in weird postures. Still, let them hang around you. You are his or her world, and your dog only wants to be involved.

Playdates for your dog

Dogs are social animals. Even they like to hang out with their fellow beings. Set up a play date with your friend’s dog next weekend. Let the furry friends have their fun time together.

Surprise morning hugs

Surprise your dog with a morning wake-up hug. Let your dog know how much you love and care for it. Hugging can relax a dog who has anxiety problems. Hug harder!

  Make their bed

Dogs can be messy but do they sure love a neat-cosy bed. Wash and dry your dog’s bed often to keep the bugs away.

Spa-bath treatment

Not all dogs enjoy bathing. Sometimes it isn’t easy to get a dog to their bath. Try giving him belly rubs and massaging while bathing.