Is a Dachshund joining your family? You must be thinking about how to train your new doggo. Basic training is essential for your dog’s mental and physical well-being. A well-trained dog will have a daily potty routine, understands the basic commands- sit, stay, heel, come, and no. Dachshunds are adorable carefree pups with a little stature.

Dachshunds may look frail, but they are intelligent dogs with much perseverance. Every dog-training requires patience and consistency, despite their breed. Let’s look at some of the critical things to keep in mind while training your Dachshund.

Let the dog get to know you.

When you get a Dachshund pup, make sure to give them time to sniff around you, hear your voice. Give your puppy enough time to get accustomed to its new environment. Start calling it a name from time to time. The puppy should get familiar with your voice and the sound of its name. Give a treat every time it turns it’s head when you call the name. Make sure you don’t overdo the treating.

Let the dog get to know you.

Get them potty trained early.

Potty trained dogs are a blessing for any dog owner. Getting your dog potty trained is half work done. Get your pup into a walking routine at the dog park. Proper exercise is essential for your pup’s healthy bladder. Take them walking in the morning, after feeding, and before bed. Consistency is the key to help your puppy learn the routine. Always look for signs like sniffing around, whimpering, or acting worried.  If they are exhibiting the above symptoms, it’s time to take them for a walk.

 Teach them the basic commands

Dog training takes time and you should be patient enough. Teaching your Dashshuds basic commands like heel, sit, stop are effortless with positive reinforcement, that is, giving them bits of treats. Be sure not to overfeed your pup because Dachshunds love to eat. They are tiny creatures with a big appetite. If you shout or yell at your dog for not obeying, you are confusing it.


Socializing is important

Take your dog to the nearby dog park or have a walk in the nearby park. Puppy socialization is a healthy way of introducing the little guy to the outside world. Like us, dogs too require a well-balanced lifestyle. Well-socialized dogs are likely to be less moody, friendly, and healthy.

Getting comfortable in a dog cage

The is not perfect enough to accompany your furry friend everywhere. If your puppy is not familiar with being in a dog cage, it isn’t easy to shut them in one when required. A visit vet’s office makes the dog crate an essential commodity. Make your dog comfortable being in a dog cage.