All dog owners should have a basic idea of how to look after your dog. As pets, they rely on their owner’s care and protection. Dogs need proper nutrition, safety, shelter, maintenance, and a lot of love from their human companion.

Proper knowledge of dog care is a must for new dog parents, especially designer dog owners. Designer dogs are the cross-bred of pure-bred dogs. These animals require constant care and attention. This article will walk you through some of the crucial things to note while caring for your dog.

Feed the right way

Many dog owners get into the habit of over-treating their dogs. Unnecessary snack treats can be life-threatening for your canine friend. Feed them at a scheduled time and try not to overfeed.

Potty Training

Potty training a dog requires daily walks and patience. Your dog will learn once it gets into a routine. If it is a puppy, your daily walks will have to be more frequent as pups tend to eliminate more often.


Dog grooming is of utmost importance to maintain your dog’s physical as well as mental well-being. Simple bathing and drying your furry friend will get them in good shape. Make sure you dry them well. Everyday brushing can keep the shed at bay.


Proper sleeping space

Dogs are energetic animals. They help us keep our spirits high by being their wobbly self. But even they need some time to cool down and rest properly. A healthy adult dog will sleep around twelve to fourteen hours a day. As a loving owner, one should get their proper dog bedding.

Physical Activity

Like us, dogs can also get lethargic. If your dog gets into a routine of eat-sleep-repeat, it’ll likely get sick. Get your dog on a hiking trip or a swimming session. Dogs are great companions for all kinds of physical adventure. A simple game of fetch can also work. Tug of war, obstacle course, playing hide-and-seek are some of the other fun activities to help your dog workout their pedigree.

Physical Activity

Routine Vet Check-ups

As much as they’ll hate you for visiting the vet, it is for their wellness. Dog owners should keep track of all the routine vaccinations. If your dog gets sick, observe the magnitude of its sickness. Profound bleeding, eating disorders, vomiting, or loss of consciousness should get immediate medical attention.

Attention and Care

Dogs are not there merely for guarding the house. Dog owners should give enough attention and care to their little furry partner. Even the canine family falls into depressive moods if they don’t get proper attention. It doesn’t mean dogs cannot stay alone for even five minutes.  Chewing, digging holes or exploring are some pursuits they enjoy doing alone.